The Briona Castle stands out in the verdant woods on the first hills on the way from Novara to Valsesia. The castle tower looks over the tiny village of Briona and its rice plantations, a typical feature of the Novara plains.

Once a defending fort of the Counts of Biandrate, the castle dates back its history from the 1300s with the Duchy of Milan. Towards the end of the XV century, the fort became a fief of the Tornielli family and was given its present architecture, however as early as the beginning of the turn of the century it lost its role of stronghold to become a “residence”.
In 1864 the fort was purchased by Baron Paolo Solaroli, a general of the Sardinian army and a former commander who made his fortune in the last Moguls' India. Upon returning to his home country, Solaroli served under king Carlo Alberto and later under king Vittorio Emanuele II, during the wars of independence and then as a diplomat. In 1867 he was awarded the title of Marquis of Briona. The title was passed down to his descendants, who are the current owners of the castle.

The castle creates a magnificent setting for receptions, conventions, exhibitions,
presentations and photographic services.